Veronica has helped me in so many ways. Both spiritually and emotionally. She has given me the tools to live a Christian life. She is such a blessing !

Kris Lynch

Oxnard Beach, CA

Veronica’s retreats and sessions that I have attended are such a gift. They’ve given me the tools to go deeper in my faith and to challenge myself to grow as a Catholic/Christian. In our busy lives it is so good to have a source that allows us to slow down and focus on our faith

Ana Miller

Ventura, CA

In the midst of difficult times, I was blessed to meet Veronica. Her insights, support and resources gave me the tools and confidence I needed to feel whole again; helping me realize Christ was always by my side.  I will be forever grateful to Veronica for her kindness and direction.

Elvina Geauque

Santa Barbara, CA

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